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Due to the recent changes of Covid-19, services and availabilty will be limited.

One on One Personal Training

One on one training is the most valuable way for us to accomplish your fitness goals.  I will provide essential tools and information for those who need accountability, education, or a challenge in their fitness journey. During these sessions, a program will be customized specifically for your body and your goals.  This session will include a warm-up, functional movements, mobility, and cardiovascular/strength endurance.  In addition, you will receive the best resources to make adapt to your new lifestyle, such as nutrition guidance and suggestions, in-betwen session homework, and emotional support. We will address any issues that you may have that limit your ability to reach your goal, help you progress towards your goals, and keep it fun so you want to come back for more!

If you must miss a week for vacation or other scheduling conflicts and are currently training one on one, I will write a week of programming for $50 for your missed sessions week.

I am only accepting new clients who commits to 2-3 appointments per week.

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