3 Tips to Help You Follow Through on Fitness Resolutions

One of the most popular New Year's resolutions that people make is to improve their health and fitness. Unfortunately, achieving these goals isn't always easy. More than 80% of people give up on their resolutions by the second week of February. However, with a bit of planning and willpower, you can find success. The following guide outlines a few tips to help you get started and stay motivated in the new year.

How to Stick With a New Year's Resolution in 2021

1. Figure Out Your Why If you don't have a reason for committing to a goal, it's going to be hard to stay focused. Before setting any resolutions, think about why you want to achieve them. Consider whether you want to improve your health so you can be a more active parent or if you're doing it to increase your self-esteem. Keeping this deeper meaning at the forefront of your mind can help you stay motivated.

2. Be Specific With the Plan

Creating a goal that encompasses improving your fitness is a bit broad, which can make

tackling the task overwhelming. Treat a resolution like any other plan, and outline the specific steps you want to take throughout the journey. Rather than stating you're going to exercise more often, focus on how many days per week you want to hit the gym and what types of workouts you want to engage in. This specificity will make it easier to stick with a plan. It can also keep each day from becoming monotonous.

3. Create Small Milestones Part of the reason why people give up on their resolutions so quickly is because they get frustrated by the results. It's normal to want to see the outcome of your work as soon as possible, but you need to remember that it is a journey. While you may have one ultimate goal—such as running a marathon or lifting a 100-pound weight—it can take a while to get there.

Set smaller goals as milestones to keep yourself motivated. Set a time frame for when you want to be able to run one, three, and five miles without stopping. As you hit each goal, you'll feel reinvigorated and compelled to keep moving forward. If you need help achieving your fitness goals in 2021, turn to Affirmation Fit in Alton, IL. This fitness center is owned and operated by Sarah Herren, a National Academy of Sports Medicine-certified personal trainer. Her expertise and experience gives her the insight needed to help you become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself. Call (618) 670-5471 to schedule a consultation, and visit her website to learn more.

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