A Guide to Building Muscle Mass With Protein

If your fitness goals include building muscle mass, then you need to prioritize your protein intake. Adequate consumption is directly related to the body’s ability to grow and maintain muscle. Protein consumption should be a companion to any workout program. Here’s how to make sure you get enough in your diet.

Why Is Protein Vital to Muscle Growth?

Lifting weights creates minuscule tears in the muscles, allowing them to grow larger as they cycle through the natural repair process. However, you can stimulate more efficient muscle growth by increasing your protein intake.

Protein consumption helps with a process known as mechanical overload, or the damage that develops when you perform particularly vigorous workouts. After exercise, the muscles enter the repair cycle. During this phase, your hormones, along with protein, create new cells that help muscles grow stronger and larger. From a fitness perspective, protein’s primary goal is to facilitate the repair phase.

What Are the Best Sources of Protein?

When your primary concern is to gain muscle mass, you need to eat the right types of protein to support the process. Eggs are among the most effective and healthy food options. Studies have found that they stimulate muscle repair behavior after workouts.

Many types of fish, including salmon and tuna, are just as effective. The former has been found to increase protein synthesis after training sessions. Other effective choices include beans, nuts, and Greek yogurt.

How Can You Increase Your Intake?

It’s best to take a well-rounded approach, treating every meal as an opportunity to boost protein intake to support your fitness efforts. Try substituting salmon for chicken breast on a salad and snacking on nuts throughout the day. Add a cup of Greek yogurt to your morning routine or daily smoothie.

You can also make daily protein powder shakes. Powder supplements are enriched with enough of this vital building block to help sustain and build your muscles.

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