Goal Setting and Goal Getting

It's your first day meeting with your fitness professional or your first day in the gym! You are so excited and ready to get started. You have goals and want to make them happen. If your goals look something like the list below, I am ready to help you get better at setting goals so you can slay goals all day, everyday!

I want to look good on my wedding day.

I have a vacation coming up in 3 months and want to look good in a bikini.

I am pregnant and I want to be healthy throughout my entire pregnancy.

I just had a baby and want to "bounce back".

I want to be a better runner.

I want to get stronger.

I want to feel comfortable in my body.

Goal setting can easily be translated into any field, niche, or hobby. Our focus today will be fitness and health. Setting your goals should take top priority! Without clear goals, it is hard to see the results and even harder to celebrate the small wins you see short term. Why are clear goals so important? If you don't know what you want, then how are you going to get it? How are you going to stay motivated to achieve a goal? How are you going to get started? How are you going to reach your goal? Furthermore, if you don't know what you want, how is your trainer going to help you get it?

Over the past decade, I have heard every goal imaginable. I have heard goals that make me cry (I am way too empathetic for my job) and some that make me envious! Most of my favorite goals are non-aesthetic goals. I love a good performance based goal like an event or personal physical achievement! I am always on your team! I want to see you succeed! HIT THOSE GOALS! How?

I am biased... okay? But seriously, Personal Trainers are valuable in your fitness journey. I will direct you to your goal from start to finish. I am here to clear out the clutter of too much information. I am here to help you pick a path and stay focused. I am here to encourage and motivate you to achieve your goals or achievements that will help you get to your goal. However, it is NOT (or shouldn't be) your fitness professional's job to make goals for you. It is very difficult to plan for something that you want to see happen if you don't communicate it well with your fitness professional. It is not my job to assume a goal and push my opinion on to my clients. While weight loss might be the goal for some, it isn't for all and I will not assume that. My job is to support your healthy habit changes.

Let's dive into goal setting a bit! Why do the goals you set make or break your ability to see results? What sets a meaningful goal apart from a wish or a hope? What is a SMART goal and why is this important? SMART is an acronym defining all of the important aspects of a goal!

  • Specific (simple, sensible, significant).

  • Measurable (meaningful, motivating).

  • Achievable (agreed, attainable).

  • Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based).

  • Time based

Your goal must meet all of these criteria if you want to be successful. Leaving one of these pieces of the puzzle out makes it harder to hold yourself accountable or for your trainer to hold you accountable.

I want you to take a minute and think about what your goal is! Keep your goal(s) in mind as you move through this example and WRITE DOWN ways to turn your goal into a SMART goal. The purpose of this post today is to help you achieve your goals! I want to see you succeed! You will succeed with all of the best tools and education possible. I am here to help.

Let's talk about one of these goals: "I want to look good on my wedding day"

There are a lot of pieces left out of this goal, one that I hear often! So let's discuss some possible ways to turn this goal into a SMART goal as an example!

Specific: Ways that we can turn this into a more simple goal would be to address weight, dress size, skin health, muscle definition, makeup etc. Looking good can mean any number of things! What specifically do you want to achieve on your wedding day. Write those specifics down.

Measurable: How can we track your progress for "look good"? We can't, really. We can, however, track weight loss, circumference measurements, body fat %, the length of your hair, water intake, caloric intake, portion sizes, the size of your dress, range of motion, and so many other things. As I mentioned, no one shares the same definition of "look good" so I want to clarify that looking good isn't JUST weight loss.

Achievable: Is your goal achievable? What actions can you take to achieve your goal? You can definitely take actions to achieve the goal of "look good", but taking into consideration the rules we have discussed so far, how? What can you do right now to achieve your goal? This is why a fitness professional is so valuable. They are here to help you take action to reach your goal.

Realistic: If your wedding is in 3 months and your goal is to lose 60 lbs, is this realistic? We absolutely have to take into consideration everything else going on in your life. This could be achievable... maybe. However, how are your stress levels? How is your nutrition intake? How are your workouts going? There are many things to consider that could alter our results. It is best to set some smaller, more realistic goals! Losing 1-2 lbs per week until your wedding date might be a more realistic goal that you can see!

Time Based: The wedding date makes this easy! You goal is set for whatever your wedding date is, or possibly some of the events leading up to the wedding date. What if you didn't have a wedding date? What if you wanted to achieve a goal and didn't have an event planned? Pick one! I cannot stress this enough. If you want to run a marathon, pick an event. If you want to get stronger, pick a date for recording your max lifts or sign up for a competition. If you want to lose weight for your health, pick a deadline to reach your goal like your next doctors visit! If you want to learn a new skill, pick a deadline! STICK TO THE SCHEDULE! Don't cram everything in all at once (crash diet, cram study, increasing resistance too quickly) because bad things could happen if you do this (get sick, fail, get hurt). Don't procrastinate. Small changes early on are more beneficial than a complete 180º transformation of lifestyle just before the event or deadline. Timing is everything!

NOW! You know how to set a goal, GO GET IT! Write your goals down, follow these guidelines and make a SMART goals more relevant to you! Make a calendar. Write down what you want to see each week. Write down how long it is going to take you to get from point A to point B. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH SUPPORT AND POSITIVE FEEDBACK. Start figuring out how you are going to achieve your goal or find a fitness professional to help you. Most importantly, have fun. If you do not love the process, you will not stick with it.

No one can tell you what your goal should be. Not even your Personal Trainer. Don't let a fitness professional, friend, workout partner, or family member decide what your goals are or assume that they know what your goals are. Your goal does not have to be weight loss. It can be eliminating medicat